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Turn your fanbase into loyal and happy paying customers.

Monetize your audience and give your followers an interactive live experience they will never forget!

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Livestream to Increase E-Commerce Sales

Livestream your products or take your store live from anywhere in the world to increase sales.

Have hundreds of attendees shop your products live while interacting with you.

Create paid events or spin up your own channel that your audience will happily buy to get exclusive access to you.

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Engage Your Audience in Real-Time

Get your audience on stage for a real time interaction to increase the sales.

Give your followers a 1:1 and 1:many live experiences they will never forget and build your community.

Let your followers share your live performance with their social networks to create a viral effect in real-time.

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Fascinating World of Augmented Reality

Increase Your Sales - Augmented Reality provides higher engagement that converts into more sales.

Real Life Engagement - Customers can virtually try products to experience them in real life environment.

Fever Returns as customers make more informed purchases.

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Anybody Can PerformLive

PerformLive is perfect for Individuals, Businesses or Brands.  
It is easy for anyone to earn using PerformLive streaming.
Getting started is simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PerformLive?
PerformLive is a purpose-driven community for individuals, businesses and brands to monetize their talent and products via interactive live stream.

It combines the power of live interaction, augmented reality, social interaction in the chat, social selling, and e-commerce all in one platform.

We enable the content creators to monetize the “live” performance.

Our concept is simple:

We help talented creators and sellers monetize their passion by creating memorable live streams that your audience can view, buy, and participate in.
How does PerformLive help me increase sales for my products?
PerformLive is a future of product sales brought to you today. It combines the power of community, live streaming, e-commerce and fun in a single platform. PerformLife enables you to reach global audience and sell your product live anytime, anywhere. Your shoppers can interact with you real time and easily purchase products during the live stream using simple checkout process.
How can I make money on PerformLive by sharing my talent and skills?
PerformLive allows you to run live streaming events to showcase your talent and invite audience which will happily buy tickets to get exclusive access to you. If you are an artist, yoga instructor, chess instructor, chef, baker, guitarist, professional, nutrition specialist, health and fitness instructor, influencer, or the likes of, you can use PerformLive to run your streaming sessions and monetize your passion. Just set the price for your show, invite your audience and go live. The platform takes care of the rest.
What are the benefits of using PerformLive?
- Never worry about payments or shipment labels, we do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on creating great live experiences.

- Own your e-commerce experience 100% instead of managing 2, 3, or more platforms to monetize your content.

- Sell your products from the comfort of home, office or store. Make your location your studio.

- Integrate and promote your PerformLive performances with all major social media platforms.

- Give your followers a 1:1 and 1:many live experience they will never forget.

- Create a space for your followers to connect with you easily and in a fun way using augmented reality.

- Let your followers share your live performance with their social networks to create a viral effect in real-time.

- Monetize your talent, knowledge and skills while giving your audience an authentic live experience.

- Create special paid events that your audience will happily buy to get exclusive access to you.
When is PerformLive going to launch?
Exclusive access will launch on February 14th. Sign up for waitlist to be one of the first on PerformLive.
What does success look like on PerformLive?
Imagine being able to sell your products, training, and knowledge with an all-in-one live streaming and e-commerce platform.

Start with a product or two, or scale your content business to $5k and more per month.

Continue growing and gradually move up to $10k per month.

After time, using the Compound Effect, you could realistically build a $100k per month business while still creating the content that YOU and YOUR FOLLOWERS enjoy!
Does PerformLive provide me with the audience?
You can bring your own audience from your other social media channels into PerformLive to get a kick start. Invite your current followers and interact with them in a Perform Live stream channel. As PerformLive communities grow, get the benefit of the compounding effect of many creators and sellers being on a single platform cross sharing the audiences!

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Everything You Need to Grow

Share the Stage with Your Audience

Allow viewers to join you on stage either for a fee or for free.

Authentic Community & Connections

Real video interaction with audience members leads to authentic connections and community.

Redefining Try-Before-You-Buy

Augmented reality gives your audience an entirely new way to interact with and preview your products before buying.

Live Audience Interactions & Emojis

Viewers can express their feelings via emojis of various kinds in the live chat.

Earn Money from Your Talent & Products

Monetize your skills or sell your products via live streams.

Tracking & Analytics for Everything

Monitor and analyze your growth with an analytics dashboard.